At the hands of persons unknown

At the hands of persons unknown is a contemplative meditation on our society, set within the American South. The images explore spaces and structures that have become normalized into the everyday, and the traces of history embedded within. Following the 2017 Charlottesville Riots, with the debate over the removal of Confederate monuments ablaze within the American South, I wanted to expand the idea of what a monument is—to envision all the other forms of monument surrounding us constantly. The more I looked, the more I began to see an invisible geography, an invisible scaffolding, tracing everything together. I set out to visualize this scaffolding, not purely as an index, or document, but more as a form of “historical meditation”—a way to contemplate the environment around us and to examine and scrutinize its origins more deeply. It feels important right now to document the seemingly ordinary, not as a turning away from the heaviness of our current moment, but as a way to turn towards it—to remain cognizant of the systems of power that are in place and our roles within.

Selected exhibitions of this work:
2019   Battlegrounds, Public AR installation, New Orleans, LA. Curation: Nancy Baker Cahill
2019   Facades, Carroll Gallery, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. Curation: Amy E. Crum & Marjorie Rawle
2019   Down to Earth, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA. Curation: Space-ship
2019   At the hands of persons unknown, Carroll Gallery, Tulane University (solo)
2018   All sorrows can be borne…, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, LA

This project is currently in progress, and will be added to the site soon.

You can view installations of the project here.