NOFJC Print Donation

In early December, I was sexually assaulted by another photographer who was slated to show work alongside mine in a gallery in Pittsburgh (two solo shows in one institution). The gallery immediately condemned his behavior and adamantly supported me, only to withdraw that support two days later. They decided not to cancel his show, and provided me with two options – stagger the openings, or move my show out a year. Adding insult to injury, they invited me into a conversation they had already had about how canceling my assaulter’s show would likely put me under public scrutiny and label me a “difficult artist,” haunting me for the rest of my career. After a continued exchange and attempting to open a healthy and supportive dialogue, I chose to cancel my show. My participation in accepting their limited offers to alleviate the situation would have only served to silence me. I can’t reclaim this particular opportunity for myself, and the pain over that loss is real. Deeper, though, is my desire to transform this energy into something that can support others facing acts of violence. So, here it is:

For the month of March, I’m offering this selection of prints from 1947, Roswell (which was to be shown), with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the New Orleans Family Justice Center, which supports victims of sexual assault, abuse, and domestic violence, among many other causes. The work that they do and support that they provide is truly remarkable and critical to the community they serve. In the nature of giving, I’m offering all prints on a sliding scale – you can choose any amount within a range to receive a corresponding print size (see the scale below). Each piece will be hand printed by me, on Canson Platine Fiber Rag 310gsm, singed en verso inscribed with “In support of the New Orleans Family Justice Center.” You will also receive a personal, handwritten note of thanks, and your name listed as a contributor on the donation.

I hope you’ll support me in furthering a dialogue about the way that artists can operate alongside institutions to support positive exchanges, how institutions of power and influence are (and should act as) crucial catalysts for social change, and how artists at any stage can claim agency to make conscious choices about where our work is shown and in what context. I’m really appreciative of the support of friends and family that I have received so far in managing the fallout from this ordeal, and am grateful for any amount that you can offer in supporting the work of the NOFJC. You can find more information about their mission and causes here.

Archival inkjet print on Canson Platine 310gsm.
Signed en verso, inscribed with “In support of the New Orleans Family Justice Center”

    $10-$50      4″x5″ on 8″x10″
    $50-$100    8″x10″ on 11″x14″
    $100+      11″x14″ on 16″x20″

* Please specify the print option number in the notes field and provide your address in PayPal